Criminal Justice News Summary 06-08-11

Tennessee: Dickson County deputy dies from shooting

New York: Shooting suspect in deputy’s death has ‘non-life-threatening’ injuries Law enforcement community comes together following shooting death of Deputy

California: 911 tape: Man shot by deputies said he would 'kill a cop' 

Florida: Armed burglary suspect shot and killed by Polk deputies

Iowa: Sheriff arms himself with gun ordered by slain deputy

Louisiana: S.W.A.T. Team Trains Despite Brutal Heat

Kentucky: Trauma ruled out in death of man in police custody

Florida: Oakland Park Man Dies After Taser Blast From BSO Deputy

Texas: Harris County to pay mother of dead Taser victim $3 million

California: SWAT Team Raids Man’s Home Over Student Loans

Miami: Memory card in mouth saves police shooting video


Criminal Justice News Summary 06-06-11

Missouri: Officer dies in wake of lightning strike. Patrolman Taylor had just returned to a command post on a department ATV to drop off another first responder when a bolt of lightning struck next to where he was standing. Other public safety officers on the scene immediately began CPR and stabilized him for transport to the hospital.

Arizona: The trouble started when Miller ( ) sent out an official GOP email with the intriguing title, "We are all Jose Guerena" - a reference to the Iraq war veteran who was killed in a SWAT raid at his home last month. Noting an investigation remains ongoing, Miller continued with the kicker, "It is my hope that this tragic event will lead to a renewed discussion of the policies that routinely lead to heavily armed and militarized local police invading private homes and a renewed interest in the civil liberties codified in our Bill of Rights SWAT: We said, 'Open up' at least twice

Texas: Arrest made in ambush murder of Sgt. Kenneth Vann

New Jersey: Camden police officer stable after being stabbed

Wisconsin: A Milwaukee police officer was forced to shoot a suspect while responding to a call about a family crisis, according to a department spokeswoman

Mississippi: Taser technology will make Jackson police work safer for everyone

Tennessee: Firefighters say Junior Spradlin's chances of surviving fire from teargas grenade would not have been very good

Illinois: Man critical after being shot by police during burglary

Virginia: Psychological screenings and in-depth background checks of prospective police officers are intended to prevent incidents such as the one that occurred Monday, when an off-duty Franklin County deputy allegedly shot two people.

Louisiana: Vandals slash Thibodaux Police tires again

Oklahoma: Officers fired shot that killed alleged crime spree gunman

Massachusetts: Police shot two in tornado ravaged Springfield


Criminal Justice News Summary 06-03-11

Arizona: Sheriff Dupnik opens up about fatal SWAT raid

Texas: Post-Traumatic Stress a Factor for Law Enforcement After Violent Encounters 

California: Man fights, grabs deputy's baton and is Tasered, shot

New York: Cops need Taser, pepper spray and K-9 Unit to subdue drunk man on the lam 

Wisconsin: A 21-year-old man was injured Wednesday night in a gunfight with a Milwaukee police officer in the Sherman Park neighborhood, police said Thursday. The officer was unharmed.

Maryland: Federal appeals court in Va affirms verdict clearing Baltimore County police in fatal shooting

Pennsylvania: SWAT teams being called in as precaution

Missouri: Police shoot alligator twice, then realize it's fake

Florida: Suspect talks about why he shot step-granddad, deputy   

Nevada: Two dead, officer wounded; from traffic stop-turned-high speed chase

Pennsylvania: Man shot during standoff


Criminal Justice News Summary 06-02-11

Wisconsin: Suspect Shot After Running Over Two Police Officers

UK: Raoul Moat: Taser company boss did not kill himself, inquest finds  

Florida: Bath salts drug blamed for death. The death of Jairious McGhee a day after police said he beat on cars and tried to punch an officer at a busy intersection initially was attributed to viral meningitis.

Arizona: The raid on former Marine Jose Guerena's home has garnered national and international attention, raising numerous questions about excessive force and proper SWAT protocol, with Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik at the center on an increasingly heated and political debate.

Oregon: 911 hoax behind SWAT response. A Eugene man falls victim to “swatting,” a dangerous cyber prank

Texas: Man killed, teen injured in police shooting. Officials say officer fired in self-defense after car raced toward him, partner

Mississippi: Inmate attacks officer, killed. Steals gun, police car on way to court, chase ensues


Criminal Justice News Summary 06-01-11

Mississippi: Tunica County Investigating Shooting Death of K-9,0,5673651.story

Virginia: State police sergeant wounded

Arizona: Deputy kills man in struggle

Tennessee: A Bradley County Sheriff’s Office deputy shot a woman at least seven times after she cut him with a knife and went for his patrol car on Interstate 75, according to a medical examiner’s report.

California: Deputies shoot, kill man who was reportedly suicidal

Oregon: Barrage of tear gas flushes six-time loser

Florida: Miami Beach leaders to discuss fate of Urban Beach Week after shootings

Texas: A police officer fatally shot a suspected car thief and wounded another in downtown Austin after the suspects drove into his partner as they approached the suspects' car,