Warrior Science Group as a company strives for the following:

  1. Deliver knowledge in combat human factors, a generic term that implies all aspects of the psychological, physical and performance aspects of being a peace-maker (LE, military, educators, leaders).  
  2. Create an environment in which world-class instructors and thinkers in the warrior community can find both a) an intellectual and business home and b) an environment for their ideas and knowledge to prosper and grow.  
  3. Provide and foster a multi-faceted environment for warriors to find skills and knowledge that will enhance their survival and performance in warrior careers and fields.   These "warriors" include (but are not limited to) law enforcement, military, rescue, martial arts, and individual citizens seeking personal survival skills.
  4. Provide a marketplace of ideas and skills for warriors to find certification and (ultimately) academic degrees and accreditation that will enhance their careers and their lives.
  5. Provide a focal point for the Warrior Rennaissance.  

In the last 50 years our civilization has learned more about the psychology and physiology of combat than in the previous 5,000 years put together.  This explosion of knowledge is the Warrior Rennaissance, the Golden Age of Warriors.  We are in the beginning of this Rennaissance, this Golden Age, and the company will be remembered in history as the focal point for this revolutionary new scientific, social, cultural and business phenominon.

This Warrior Rennaissance, this explosion of knowledge, has arrived at this point in history because our civilization is being pushed to the limits.  Internal threats (violent crime, school killers, domestic terrorism) and external threats (terrorism, rogue states) have driven the protectors of our civilization to achieve maximum possible performance from our warriors.  

The Warrior Science Group will help our civilization to raise up a generation of Rennaisance Warriors who will function at the highest levels of human performance, to answer the summons of the trumpet and meet the challenge of the age.  These Warrior Science graduates will man the ramparts of our civilization, at home and in distant lands, holding together the tattered fabric of our civilization in this dark and violent hour.